Unique product management and administration system

Easily import, enrich and distribute all your digital product information. Keep your catalog data always synchronized in real time on your web platform and app.


Web Catalog

Upgrade your web to a digital catalog or integrate our catalog into your site.


App Catalog

Upload your product catalog to App Store and Google Play. Launch an app suitable for phones and tablets.

Xana System Advantages

Fast and easy management

Powerful product management and organization system. Makes the marketing department's job easier.

Web and App Catalog

Manage your products once and display them synchronized in the web catalog and app.

Connect with other platforms

Connect your enrich product data with other digital platforms in the market.

Get to market faster

Simplifies the entire product management and publication process, brings speed and order, saving costs.

Digitalization process

Essential in the digitization process of your company. Guarantees that your users always have up-to-date information.

Optimize your time

Online management from any device and place. No technical knowledge required.

Xana System

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