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Simplify Product Management at Trade Shows with Xana Product Manager

For marketing departments, trade show preparation can be one of the most tedious times of the year. The need to present a wide variety of products attractively and effectively, along with the task of filtering and selecting specific products for different audience segments, can be overwhelming. Additionally, the challenge of coordinating logistics, stand design, and communication strategy adds an extra layer of complexity. It is in this demanding context where Xana Product Manager emerges as a comprehensive and efficient solution.

Centralized Management and Effortless Customization

PIM Platforms in Product Management

Xana Product Manager allows companies to manage and customize product communication centrally and effortlessly. From the platform, users can easily organize and update product information, as well as create specific new product groupings to stand out at each trade show.

Streamline Trade Show Prep with Xana Product Manager: Effortlessly stand out amidst the chaos.

Emerging technology and shifting consumer demands reshape the business landscape and promote digitization.

Versatile Connectors for Multichannel Communication

Automation in Product Management: Optimizing References

The integration of Xana Product Manager with connectors like the web catalog and the app catalog provides complete multichannel communication. This means that companies can bring their product message to different platforms coherently and effectively, increasing their reach and visibility.

Immersive Stand Experience with the App Catalog

Xana System’s app catalog takes the trade show experience a step further by allowing users to combine the stand experience with product samples innovatively. Visitors can scan products with their mobile devices and easily save items of interest for later information retrieval.

Customer Experience Focus: Personalization and Ease

Integration of Sales and Promotion Channels

Elevate Your Trade Show Experience: Centralized management, versatile connectors, and immersive app catalogs.

Automation will be crucial for keeping references up to date and improving communication across multiple channels, including B2B.

Additional Benefits for Companies

In addition to simplifying product communication for trade shows, Xana Product Manager offers a range of additional benefits for companies. From more efficient inventory management to a better understanding of product performance, this platform provides the necessary tools for success in the trade show environment.

In summary, Xana Product Manager is the comprehensive solution for simplifying and customizing product communication for trade shows. With centralized management, versatile connectors, and an immersive stand experience, companies can stand out at any trade show and maximize their impact.

Business Agility in Product Management

With Xana System, managing your products will be much simpler and easier.Join us and take your business to the next level!

Discover how Xana Product Manager can help increase your team's productivity and optimize your results in digital environments.